Sunday, September 2, 2007

Blog Love

How has everyone's holiday weekend been? I have been blessed to have a very relaxing and laid back weekend and I hope everybody is enjoying their holiday. I've been taking a little break from posting on my blogs, but I have been lurking around on other blogs. With the Black Weblog Awards winners about to be announced this week I'd like to say congrats to all the winners. I did nominate and vote for some of the blogs I visit, and wish you all could win. Some of the bloggers that I nominated didn't make the cut, but to them I say there is always next year. Keep doing what your doing, you are an inspiration to me.

Here are some that I nominated and some of the finalist that I voted on. Don't ask what category because I don't remember them all. If you haven't already, check them out.Also go vote, you have until 4pm today.

Invisible Woman(Maybe they will create a movie category)
Blind I Is For The Kids(Hip Hop Blog on the come up)
Humanity Critic(Get your throat-chopped)
BlogXilla(My Blog crush,blogging like the rock star he is)
AfroBella (Always a fav)
RhymesWithSnitch(That Bitch! has an underrated gossip blog, very humorous,& she tells it like she sees it)
The Field Negro(Political Blog from a fellow Philly blogger, so you know I had to represent)
Babes,Bling & Booze(I like RichBoi for his collection of celebrity pictures & his wit.
What Would Thembi Do?( Another Philly blogger, very funny girl)
The Smoking Section(hip hop blog)
The Brutha Code(read between the lines)
Me,Myself An Eye (Sista Toldja, fellow comrade)
The D-Nice Journal(I had a big crush on him as a teen, & he has beautiful pictures) (Love nerds)
illDoctrine(hip hop blog)
Ghetto Economics(Paula D,she rocks!)
UltravioletUnderground(subcultural alternative soul)
Shavar Ross(from Diff'rent Strokes)

Be good and see you after the holiday!

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xillz the blog peeps champ said...

THANKS for the linkage... didn't know i was your blog crush!! whoa!! i'm honored!! Now that i am excited about