Sunday, September 9, 2007

Hurricane Katrina Tribunals

I'm not sure if everybody knows this but the Hurricane Katrina & Rita Tribunals are taking place. Davy D from Davy D's Hip Hop Corner has the coverage. He has the testimony broken up in podcasts on his website.You can also go and look for Breakdown FM/Davy D. I've had the chance to listen to part 1 & 2 of the tribunal, and trust me there was some riveting testimony from a brother of one of the victims. There is also testimony from Malik Rahim who claims that white vigilante mobs killed over 200 black people during the aftermath of Katrina.

The most interesting testimony I've heard has to do with the Danziger Bridge incident. There were 7 armed police officers that shot and unarmed family that were on the bridge. The mother, daughter, & father was shot, and the brother was killed. Then the man testifying, Romel Madison says that because his family witnessed this murder, the police started hunting his family down like Duck Hunt. The cops wind up killing his unarmed mentally handicapped brother. There are pictures and everything! Romel says that CNN was there taping! The seven cops were indited by a grand jury, but were let out on bail and allowed to continue working.

Also this man had to go get star medical examiner Michael Baden (from HBO's series Autopsy) to examine his brothers body and declare that a murder indeed took place. It is MURDER when you shoot someone in the back and kill them, especially when they are unarmed, whether you are a cop or not. I had a friend that was murdered the same way, but because the cops shot him they don't have the cause of death listed as a murder.

There is so much I am learning from these recordings from this International Tribunal. I didn't realize all this was going on. I know there were cover-ups by the media, they only wanted to show us looting and shit, but this testimony is deep. I can't go on anymore about this because I'll be here typing all day. I still have more to listen to. Please, you have to go listen for yourself. Also checkout Signal 26, the NOPD's forum. You may be able to catch some of the NOPD's real reaction to the tribunals.

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Glendell-The Art Master said...

Shocking....but you opened my eyes. Thanks hottnikz, what a great post.