Wednesday, August 15, 2007

iPhone Bill

300 pages of Madness!!!


PurpleZoe said...

I saw this one a week or two back. Insanity. I dropped Cingular the minute AT&T acquired them. AT&T is on some real evil empire bizness...They're in bed with a few companies that were trying to make the internet a "tiered' thing, that would cause everyone to have to pay more to enter tiers that would have better service...

Aol. Yahoo. Verizone Wireless.

They are all good friends...

I could care less about the iphone.
The openmoko will be a better deal
( because it's opensource and has no greed stamp on it.

hottnikz said...

Thats funny, because I stopped dealing with AT&T years ago when they went to Cingular. I didn't like the idea of my phone company just up and changing names and policies on me. Then they switch again. So it doesn't surprise me when you say they are in bed with so many.

Also, I am soooo against anything with and *i* in front of it. Steve Jobs is on some evil empire ish too.