Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Off Da Radar Spotlight : Hero


Artist: Hero

Craft:Hip Hop/Soul

Album: Hero

MC: E-Dot 

Producer/Vocalist: Darp Malone

Label:Thirsty Music

Hailing From:Canada 


HERO gives us two such legendary figures. Introducing artist/producer extraordinaire Darp Malone and the incredible word-smith E-Dot (who has previously worked with Mr. Complex, The Chapter, Loer Velocity and released singles on Ill Bill's Uncle Howie Records). These two long time collaborators have finally combined their efforts on a full-fledged scale to create a sound that is nothing short of amazing. HERO's music is honest and passionate, so wonderfully sincere and effortless.   E dot & Darp Malone (Hero)

They have no capes or pantyhose, just soulful ballads and aggressive compositions. Somehow HERO manages to easily combine substance and intricate wordplay with moving melodies and catchy refrains.  
Together as HERO, E-Dot and Darp Malone's music utterly transcends time without the abuse of trends and propaganda. Upon first listen one comes to realize that the future is upon us. The time is now, and they are here. Embrace them, witness the conquest; and don't take them for granted. Album release date is February 26th.

Tracklisting and credits for HERO (all songs produced by Darp Malone):

1.) Mogadishu (co-produced by Donnan Linkz)
2.) Be Aware
3.) Trust ft/Loer Velocity
4.) Feel Good ft/Loer Velocity & Verbal E

5.) What We Gonna Do ft/Sage
6.) Breaker 
7.) They Don't Care ft/Wordsworth

8.) On My Side

9.) Denial

10.) Lonely Sunday
11.) All About

12.) Walk On

13.) Take Me Away

14.) Take Me Away (Reprise)

15.) Blame Me

Check out the videos both directed by Javier Goin.


Be Aware

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Rhymefest & Just Blaze in the studio

Rhymefest left this treat over on the OKPlayer boards. Btw, what the hell happened to Just's blog?

Easy Listening

    Little Brother

pic from myspace


Whatever You Want ~ Little Brother (Get Back Bonus Track)

What else is there to say, but I heart Little Brother!!!  Even though he raps about not getting his props, Big Pooh's rhymes are always on point to me. As far as Phonte goes, he's one of the best lyricists of all time (imho), plus he sings and is funny as all get out.



pic from fnfradio.mypodcast.com

Gold Watch ~ Lupe Fiasco (The Cool)

Lupe is so on point in his second & third choruses (so much that I swear he was a fly sitting on the wall) -"With my ghetto broad and she's so plain/ gotta couple scars and one of those long names/ she'll fight a nigga and cusses with no shame/and her ex-man had her bagging up cocaine." Yep, this was me in the early to mid 90's (minus the visible scars and the long name), running wild and reckless.

Jean Grae 

pic from jivemagazine.com

Love Thirst ~ Jean Grae & 9th Wonder (Jeanius) 

This track right here is one of the main reasons why I say Jean Grae is one of the most underrated MC's of our time. I love this track, so sexy without being overly explicit. I be awaiting her new album with 9th Wonder.


Thursday, January 10, 2008

Assata aka Joanne Chesimard

Trailer for the movie Assata aka Joanne Chesimard

There is no doubt about me seeing this flick, as Assata Shakur is on the top of my favorite heroine list. The TRUE story definitely needs to be told. I'm just so upset that more money couldn't be raised to make this film, or that Will Smith or Angela Bassett or at least Gabrielle Union (lol) was not called upon. I know they've at least heard of her plight. They didn't have to give up any money, they could have just donated a line or two,lol. The actors in this movie are horrible at best!

Website here.