Thursday, January 10, 2008

Assata aka Joanne Chesimard

Trailer for the movie Assata aka Joanne Chesimard

There is no doubt about me seeing this flick, as Assata Shakur is on the top of my favorite heroine list. The TRUE story definitely needs to be told. I'm just so upset that more money couldn't be raised to make this film, or that Will Smith or Angela Bassett or at least Gabrielle Union (lol) was not called upon. I know they've at least heard of her plight. They didn't have to give up any money, they could have just donated a line or two,lol. The actors in this movie are horrible at best!

Website here.


Anonymous said...

:( Hmmmmmm.

That's disappointing.

I would love to see a good pic that tells her story.

Karen Roberts said...

I write to Spike Lee EVERY WEEK, almost begging him to do her piece. It will be a DEEP SHAME if we wait until 200 years from now to honor this...GODDESS.

For me to use that term is deep, because I'm religious, and I certainly do not go about calling people gods and goddesses. But, I say it out of respect [I guess!]

I'm IN LOVE with Assata! She is my biggest hero, next to my daddy.

I've seen clips of the film. Oy vey. I hope he decides NOT to do it, because it's horrible.

We have to hope that Spike comes through.

But here's the problem: People are afraid now. She's called a "cop killer." And, unfortunately, folks don't READ.

We'd have to hope that Spike would READ, and check out the evidence, and not be afraid to produce a positive movie about her.