Sunday, January 20, 2008

Easy Listening

    Little Brother

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Whatever You Want ~ Little Brother (Get Back Bonus Track)

What else is there to say, but I heart Little Brother!!!  Even though he raps about not getting his props, Big Pooh's rhymes are always on point to me. As far as Phonte goes, he's one of the best lyricists of all time (imho), plus he sings and is funny as all get out.



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Gold Watch ~ Lupe Fiasco (The Cool)

Lupe is so on point in his second & third choruses (so much that I swear he was a fly sitting on the wall) -"With my ghetto broad and she's so plain/ gotta couple scars and one of those long names/ she'll fight a nigga and cusses with no shame/and her ex-man had her bagging up cocaine." Yep, this was me in the early to mid 90's (minus the visible scars and the long name), running wild and reckless.

Jean Grae 

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Love Thirst ~ Jean Grae & 9th Wonder (Jeanius) 

This track right here is one of the main reasons why I say Jean Grae is one of the most underrated MC's of our time. I love this track, so sexy without being overly explicit. I be awaiting her new album with 9th Wonder.


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