Sunday, July 29, 2007

Little Brother's Get Back In Stores 9/25

Yay!!! It's about time! Little Brother are coming back with their new release "Get Back" on 9/25/07. I've been bumping their last classic effort "The Minstrel Show" & their last mixtape "And Justice For All" for the longest.

The first single off the new album is "Good Clothes". I visited their MySpace page and they have their track listing up. The new single is also available for download but I'll post it here as well.

For all those who have never heard of them, Little Brother is one of the most conscious groups coming out of the south. They are from North Carolina (big ups to all my fam in North Cacalaky), which was shocking to me when I first heard them. You kind of expect the heavy southern drawl in their rhymes, like their other southern counterparts. Their last album "The Minstrel Show", was slept on by the mainstream, in my opinion mostly because of the way they poked fun at the mainstream rappers. They couldn't get BET (no surprise there) to play their video because the sell outs over at BET think that we are dummies.

It is very unfortunate that BET, MTV and mainstream radio feel like we can't appreciate good music that doesn't involve violence, drug selling, video hoe's parading around, making it rain in the strip clubs, and bling rap.

I can't express to you how tired I am of "Wipe Me Down" & "Ay Bay Bay"! All these so-called grown azz men calling themselves "Young" this & "Lil" that. Sick of it! So I will be visiting the music store on 9/25 to purchase real music. Hope that you will join me.

You can download their new single here:
Little Brother "Good Clothes"

Here is the video that you were too dumb to watch. It was "too intelligent" for you to view, lol.

Little Brother ~ Lovin' It

I threw this one in for good measure.
Little Brother ~ Speed


BlogXilla said...

They got a show out here tomorrow I think i'm going to go.

hottnikz said...

I'm sure you won't be disappointed. I need them to come here to Philly.