Saturday, July 14, 2007

We Didn't Forget You Stepha Henry

I've been meaning to write something about this but it slipped my mind, even though I though about it everyday. I read something on the internet about a black woman missing in Florida that touched my soul, and I wondered if she was ever found. I forgot her name, but didn't forget her struggle.

I think it's a damned shame that the media hasn't really covered Stepha Henry, the missing John Jay graduate from New York. She is an aspiring Law student that has been missing since May 29th, and as you guessed there hasn't been a massive search like they did for that white woman, Jessie Davis. She was basically denied coverage all because poor Paris Hilton was on her way to jail, boo hoo, hoo. But eff the media, my REAL BEEF is with Al Sharpton and the local police.

Investigators said a male friend who was driving the car picked Henry up from her aunt's apartment in North Miami earlier that evening. But they said that at the end of the evening the friend left without the car and without Henry.

"The car is still missing. He tells us that he borrowed the car. So we're still trying to check the origin of the car, find out where it originally came from, who originally had the car, where the car is registered and, of course, we're still trying to find the car," said Linda O'Brien of the Miami-Dade Police Department.

See the whole article here. Also, click this posts' title for link to her profile at America's Most Wanted. They aired her profile on June 30th, 2007.

I'm not a genius by any means, but Boo Boo the Fool can see that the police are not doing a good job. How do you borrow a car from somebody, but now you don't know where it's at? Ok... so who did you borrow it from? That alone should have been enough to detain him. Until somebody can produce a car, a least. I hope that I'm wrong and these police know what they are doing, but really what are the chances?

Historically, we as a people have always had to "see after our own" (as my Na-Na would say). Sharpton and the rest of Black America made a big stink about about Don Imus, and it made headlines. Imus even got fired. His latest rants are about this "Roboho" thing that Beyonce' was called by the a member of the media. Again the media pounces. So hello, Rev.Sharpton, what's up? I mean you make a stink about sticks & stones (not saying that he shouldn't have), so lets "see after" Stepha Henry and jump on the medias' and the polices' asses, maybe we can see some progress in this case.
The latest article is here.

Please don't forget about Stepha Henry, and spread the word about her. Blog about her. I'm going to place her pic & description on my sidebar and will update as I hear new developments.


coloredgirlswhohaveconsidered said...

Truth be told, I don't even have a beef w/the Police. I have never relied on them for anything in the past and I that still hasn't changed. But Al 'CPTime' that's a whole 'nother thing. Today he released a statement to Imus informing him that he will be watching him. Why is this man still following Imus when we have so much more important matters at hand.

hottnikz said...

I'm with you there, the cops have never been reliable. Al needs to stop beating a dead horse, literally. Leave Imus alone, focus elsewhere.